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La Senza Spree #5 OPEN
Fast spree capping at CAD200 or 15 Jun 2013 1159PM.
Will still order even if the current promo is no longer valid. Pls join only if you're ok with it.
Pls do state an alternative to prevent disappointments.
FB +29/-0

Ordering from:
My information:
Spree closes at:
CAPPING @ CAD200 or 15 Jun 1159PM, whichever is sooner.
Exchange rate:
CAD1 = SGD1.258
Shipping Fee:
Total price of your items / Total price of all items * CAD 40
Distribution of items:
Normal/Registered mail ONLY
Postpac cartons will be available and paid by spree-ers when requested after items arrive.
Terms and conditions:
* I will try my best to ensure that items ordered are correct
* I will not be liable for any damages, wrong items sent, loss etc by the company
* I will only be taking in paid orders, no reservation of slots
* Please post order and transaction in 1 comment
* Please do not join if you are unhappy with any terms and conditions
* No cancellation of order
Payment Details:
POSB savings 065617048
1st payment: Total cost of items ordered + $0.50 (handling fee)
2nd payment: Shipping fee + local postage
Order Format:
Lj nick / Real name :
Email Address :
Bank/Acct no:
Item 1
Name of item :
Item URL:
Item code:
Price in CAD:
Alt if OOS:

Item 2
Name of item :
Item URL:
Item code:
Price in CAD:
Alt if OOS:
Total cost (CAD) = CAD$
Total cost (SGD) = (Total CAD * 1.258) + $0.50 = SGD


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